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Small Space, Big Design | Going Wild

By :Lucas Liu 0 comments
Small Space, Big Design | Going Wild

Small Space, Big Design | Going Wild  

Having a small bathroom can be such a pain, from lack of storage space to oversized fixtures. Coming up with creative ways to express your style can be tough.  Heading in the direction of a more moderate design style may seem like the way to go but when working with small spaces, it sometimes pays to get a little wild.  Adding nature inspired accents will brighten up your bathroom and add a bit of personality without over powering the space.  Shiny, complicated or cheap materials will immediately draw your eyes to them, making any room more of an eye sore rather than inspired décor. Instead opt for stone, wood, linen, or wicker to make your bathroom dynamic. 



Shop Design Element | You can bring a piece of nature right into your home with our 100% reclaimed wood vanities.  Not only durable but also environmentally friendly these vanities will be the perfect center piece to your nature themed bathroom.  

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