Your next luxury development project doesn't have to be delayed or to exceed budgets.

No matter what size the project, Design Element can help your business; we are experienced in working with builders both large and small, and are aware of the obstacles and hurdles that builders face when approaching their development projects. We can guarantee fast and reliable turn-around times for product availability and delivery, as long as we are given adequate time to produce the items through accurate forecasting. Also, purchasing pre-assembled bathroom vanity sets not only saves your company money on project costs, but it also provides you with a product that is easier to install than the traditional customized cabinetry. That’s not to say, however, that we aren’t able to produce customized cabinetry ourselves. For large volume orders, models from our existing product line can be modified and customized to fit your exact project specifications.

Case Study: US Construction

In 2010 we were approached by US Construction with a unique challenge. Our potential client at the time was faced with a rather large residential building project. They were in need of contemporary vanities that would fit into an existing space. Our styling was right on with the DEC1100 48” bathroom vanity, but the dimensions would not work within the existing space.

The Design Element team was able to turn a unique challenge into a solution for US Construction. After reviewing their building specification and quantities, our designers went hard to work on the redesign of the DEC1100 48” to meet the customer’s special width requirements of 30” and 36” for that specific styling.

US Construction was pleased with how quickly our team produced a prototype, and was able to launch the redesign to meet their forecast needs; while saving them time, material and labor cost of designing the vanities themselves. Our collaboration with US Construction was groundbreaking, and continues to be a model for success in providing cost cutting solutions to our clients.We look forward to seeing how Design Element can help on your next building project.