Cleaning Your Vanity

  • Cleaning:

    your bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. In fact, it’s quite easy and quick. A bathroom vanity covered in water spots, toothpaste smudges and soap scum will make a poor impression on guests. Instead, learn how to clean a vanity in order to help your bathroom shine to its fullest potential.

  • Decide on and prepare your vanity cleaner:

    Because there are so many different kinds of vanities (wood, glass, marble, laminate), you’ll need to find out what kind of cleaner your bathroom vanity requires. If you use the wrong kind of cleaner on your bathroom vanity, you may end up ruining it instead of improving its looks. Read the directions on the cleaner bottle to find out whether you can just put it straight on the vanity or if it needs to be diluted with water. If you take care and follow the directions, then you’re sure to get the best possible outcome.

  • Wipe down your vanity:

    Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off the surface of your bathroom vanity. This will get rid of hair, dust and other loose powders before you add the cleaner. This allows you to focus your energy on more stubborn vanity stains. Be sure to sweep up the dust up off the floor immediately so you don’t track it into the rest of your home.

  • Scrub your vanity:

    Soak your rag or sponge in water, pour out the cleaner and then get to work. Scrub your vanity with firm and even movements. Soak old or stubborn stains to loosen them for easier removal. While you want to focus the majority of your time on the vanity counter surface, don’t forget to also pay attention to your faucet. Most faucets don’t require special cleaner, but double check just to be sure. A handy household tip is to use straight vinegar to clean your faucet. Let the vinegar air-dry and don’t use water to wash it off; that will take away the shine.

  • Rinse off your vanity:

    Rinse out your rag or sponge and then wipe off the cleaner from your vanity. Make sure you eliminate all traces of cleaner since overexposure can sometimes be harmful to your health.

  • Dry the vanity:

    If your vanity is still wet, get out a dry towel and wipe down your counter. If you leave standing water on your vanity, it could leave behind water spots which would negate all your hard work. Now stand back and enjoy the results of your work.